Pottery Ranch Fredericksburg

Pottery Ranch is the place to visit when shopping in Fredericksburg! Beautiful pottery, large and small, in the colors of the rainbow is the highlight of the store, but you’ll discover a whole lot more. It’s the perfect store to find home decor items to freshen up your look or when you’re accessorizing a new one.

Established in Fredericksburg in 1998, Pottery Ranch was introduced by quick-thinking entrepreneur Scott Kilpatrick. His father ran a Choo-Choo trolly service in the Hill Country town for several years but eventually closed it down. Scott purchased the building from Dad and set up shop.

Pottery was the primary inventory at Pottery Ranch, but Scott had bigger plans. The goods in the store grew to include items from around the world. He wanted to offer one-of-a-kind, interesting items not normally found in big box retailers or department stores. As Pottery Ranch expanded and grew, Scott opened a second store in 2000. People shopping for pottery and other imported goods in the Hill Country could now find the same great experience in Marble Falls.

Shopping the world in Fredericksburg

With unusual and hard-to-find items as its legendary trademark, the Texas-size store displays and sells items from all over the world.

The highlight of the store is the pottery, with most of the glazed earthenware coming from Vietnam. This jewel of a store features teak furniture from Thailand, cow hides from Brazil, and metal art from Mexico. Swings, statues, and bowls from India also decorate the miles of aisles.

Texas boasts a huge art community, especially in the Hill Country, and many Texas artists have works for sale at Pottery Ranch. The first impression of the store decor is that it is indigenous to Texas, both Western and modern and even a combination of the two. Yet, there’s something for everyone no matter what your style — just keep on looking!

Located just a few blocks from the shopping district of Fredericksburg, the original Pottery Ranch store is located on an acre of property with plenty of parking. Stroll down the historic streets of Fredericksburg to access restaurants, coffee shops, and bars before or after an amazing shopping trip to Pottery Ranch. Fredericksburg is a town where you can be be easily entertained for a day, a weekend, or longer.

Huge variety of items

From lovely home decor to practical tools, there’s something for every square foot of a house and garden at Pottery Ranch. Interior and exterior designers can help decorate for any space or need.

You’ll find entertainment platters and bowls, glassware, wall art, lamps, decorative pieces, candles, and more. Inventive furniture will surprise and delight. Even tables, chairs, and decor for your outdoor patio are available.

Creativity abounds at Pottery Ranch in Fredericksburg. Beautiful objects as well as inventive, whimsical, and downright funny items are what you’ll see.

In addition to the incredible selection of original pieces to accessorize your home, there’s something for the palate as well. Pottery Barn carries Danncy’s pure Mexican vanilla, which makes every cake, cookie, candy, and drink even more delicious. Imported spices are available as well.

Lastly, handbags and jewelry from around the globe are available to accessorize the smart dresser.

A friendly and fun shopping experience

Shopping at Pottery Ranch in Fredericksburg is a great way to enjoy a morning or afternoon. You are greeted by a warm-hearted staff, known as the “Ranch Hands.” They will help you find whatever you need for your home, garden, office, or gift.

Between the artistic iguanas, birds, and butterflies, there’s also a 20-foot armadillo at the store that makes a great photo-op. The whole family is invited to explore the goods. It is pet-friendly, too!

You can almost get lost in time looking at the detailed works of the artists that supply Pottery Ranch with their works. Some of the very imaginative pieces you’ll see might include colorful pillows and baskets, glittering glass light fixtures, mounted steer longhorns, and metal art stars and flowers. Cacti and college logos fill out the diverse selection of goods.

Lovingly referred to as “Texas World Headquarters,” there’s something of almost everything at Pottery Ranch.

When you are shopping for original and one-of-a-kind home decor in Fredericksburg, it’s well worth the time to stop at Pottery Ranch. It’s quite possibly the coolest store ever!

Welcoming shoppers year-round, the store is open every day of the year except Christmas.